Keystep Solutions same great service, just a bit bigger!

Keystep Solutions Keystep Limited and Nufocus Ltd. are joining to form a new company that will be called Keystep Solutions. Both companies are experts in the field of IT Support, each with more than 10 years’ experience of supporting Hospitality and Retail organisations

The combination of Keystep and Nufocus creates an exciting opportunity for both companies and for our customers” said Andrew Evans Chief Executive Officer, Keystep Solutions. “In addition to creating a company, which is totally dedicated to our customers, the combining of our resources allows us to provide greater reach in the UK and offer improved IT support to our customers. Its exciting times for the new company as our new products such as “OpenDoor” our electronic lock solution is being adopted by several hotel chains, it really offers an alternative to the systems that have not evolved for today’s tech savvy hotel guest.

Over the last few months we have moved to larger premises, the new location has increase office space, a large warehouse and loading bays. This has allowed us to start storing large amounts of equipment belonging to our customers and have dedicated hot staging areas for each customer.

It is our 10th year of trading, with us celebrating our birthday in September, we plan to hold a celebration and will be attending HOSPACE IT Conference in November for the 7th year on the run.