Holiday Inn Lancaster Installs Opendoor Electronic Lock System

Holiday Inn Lancaster selects Keystep Opendoor

Holiday Inn Lancaster, part of the Kew Green Group, has selected Keystep Solutions Limited to replace their existing electronic door lock system with Keystep’s Opendoor solution.

From the moment a guest checks-in to a hotel, they expect the level of security in ‘their home away from home’ to be equalled to that of their own house.  Finding the magnetic keycard doesn’t let them into their room causes frustration, and often, a tiring trek back to reception to obtain a new keycard.  Failing keys are mostly caused by cards being placed near a mobile phone, or the magnetic strip getting old and worn out.  Keycard encoders at reception are vulnerable to spills, dirt and dust collecting in the mechanism, and these eventually become ineffective.

Holiday Inn Lancaster took the opportunity replace their old magnetic lock system once it became old and unreliable, replacing it with state of the art RFID technology, provided by Keystep.  Four major factors contributed to their decision:

  • It uses contactless radio frequency technology (RFID) – thus eradicating the magnetic strip issues.
  • Opendoor’s locks have an ingenious design that fit perfectly into the space left by the old locks leaving a clean and tidy finish with no re-decoration overheads.
  • All Keystep Opendoor locks come with a free lifetime software upgrade (back office and lock programme), and a 3 year warranty, something unheard of with other brands.
  • Replacing a like for like system with the old supplier would have cost significantly more.

Keystep’s fully managed installation – from site survey to fitting of 180 locks – took just 5 days.  Today, a support contract covers any technical queries – and implements those all important free software upgrades.

Andrew Evans, CEO of Keystep solutions Limited comments:  “Keystep’s Opendoor is one of the most cost effective access control systems on the market.  By utilising RFID, a miniature antennae is located inside the keycard, and transmits a signal to the proximity reader in the lock to allow entry.”


Considerations for other Opendoor options include:

Remote Access Readers

Mounted on door frames or walls for use on entrance doors or lifts – it allows simple but secure access to guests who wave their keycard across the reader for entry.

Converting Existing Magnetic Card Locks to RFID

If you currently have traditional magnetic strip card door locks and experience regular failures, it is likely the magnetic reader has lost sensitivity because of low ingress protection.

Keystep’s Opendoor conversion kit provides the option to keep your existing door furniture, by converting the lock mechanism to RIFD. Conversions provide a practical, cost effective, and simple solution that gives all the benefits of RFID technology without the overhead of replacing all the door handles in the building.

Swapping out the locking mechanism is a simple process that can be done by internal maintenance staff, or by Keystep.

New Doors

Keystep can also supply doors of any specification and finish with the routing already prepared for receiving a lock. We have a skilled team of joiners who can install door frames, doors and locks, providing you with a fully managed an end to end solution. This option is particularly attractive for those embarking on a new build project, or for organisations where a complete refurbishment programme is taking place.