Solent Hotel and Lodge get the latest RFID Electronic Lock Solution

The new addition to the Solent Hotel of the Lodge at Solent was fully booked for the first night. It’s been great to have supplied the Electronic Lock System for the new lodge, as well as converting the existing hotel to the latest RFID locks. The lodge looks great and has a seaside theme including a lighthouse. If you’re in the area you should check it out! Love the retro phones!

The project started 12 months ago with the conversion of the Solent Hotel to our latest RFID solution to replace the outdated magnetic card system. The final phase was fitting our system in the new 60 bedroom lodge. Two different projects, one a conversion and one a new build. The same Keystep service and solution thats means we are now the number one choice for hoteliers looking to replace their outdated systems from suppliers who have not adapted to the new technologies.

Solent Lodge