The real alternative for Hotel Lock Solutions!

We have a range of key card locks that use state of the art Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D) technology, otherwise known as “Contactless” technology. All of our locks have been designed specifically with the hotel and accommodation industry in mind.

Our electronic locking systems offer flexible and functional access control with a wide choice of software options. Both key cards and locks can be programmed to allow or restrict access to different parts of the building. And the information stored in the key card can be transferred to a computer to provide precise audit trail information about where and when each lock has been used including the date, time and whether access was allowed or denied.

Key Features:

  • Micros interface approved by Micros Fidelio as well as other PMS vendors
  • Lifetime free software upgrades
  • If replacing a lock there is no need for any door alterations, it¹s a straight swap in many cases
  • Cloud back up of the database
  • Room energy saving options and room automation
  • All locks are RFID giving additional guest security
  • The locks automatically deal with the changes to and from British Summer Time
  • The locks do not lose their programming when the batteries go flat
  • 3 year warranty on all door locks
  • Matching range of room safes